Automatic Potato Planter

Automatic Potato Planter

Bed from with two seeds of potatoes

The track and width will be determined

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Technical Specification

Model APP-02 APP-03 APP-04
Planting Row
Linkage Category Tractor HP Required- 30 to 70
Tractor Hydraulic with Three Point Linkage (CAT III)
Seed Drum Capacity (kg.) 300    
Seed Varities 30-90 mm Uncut or Cut potato seed with any varieties
Fertilizer Drum Capacity (Kg.)      
Fertilizer Attachment Optional
Seed Planting Distance (mm) 255-225-280-355-380-430
Distance between Rows (mm) 762 (Adjustable)
Human Power Required No Required
Planting Capacity / per acre
    - With Fertilizer
    - Without Fertilizer
4.6 km/per hour   1 Acre
Disc Diameter (mm) 508    
Working Depth (mm) 50-200    
Working Width (mm) 60-270    
Nos. of Cups 2 x 52    
Length 1600    
Width 1930    
Height 1700    
Weight 487 kg.    
Transportation Hydraulic Trailing

Automatic Potato Planter Photo Trade India new

  • No labour required
  • Planting two rows with band farmer
  • Fully auto adjustable like Size, Potato distance, Fertilizer
  • 1 Hours 1.5 acres planting capacity.

Automatic potato machine with two rows that are the Brand name Ganesh Automatic Potato Planter is a mounted type machine. Potato lumps which are put in the case rise with the help of ladleses on an infinite rubber band that moves between two pulleys vertically. While the ledleses are turning down from the highest point, they go on their action by dropping the potato lumps in them and the potato lumps that go down in this way fall on the soil surface from the turning point below. The potato lumps are covered by the coverings discs that from backwards.

No of Rows (pcs) 2
Attachment Type (cat) 1 and 2
Powered by Wheels Roues
Productivity 4.6 km/h
Number of Band Conveyor (pcs) 2
Hopper Capacity (Kg) 275
Required Power (Hp) 30-70
Total Weight (Kg) 487