Manual Potato Planter

Manual Potato Planter

The Company produces a range of equipment including potato planter, potato harevsters, potato seed cutters and harvesting equipment for all types of vegetables, as well as having the unique ability to custom manufacture equipment for a client’s specific requirements.The versatile and simple, Potato Planter is well known locally, with sales now extending into all states of India.

Potato Planter Features

  • Ideal for Tractor between 30 HP to 70 HP
  • Trailing type with three point linkage (CAT III)
  • Suitable for any types or shapes of potatos.
  • Provisions of Hi-Tech fertilizer attachment for planting
  • The machine available in Manual or Auto system for the plantation of potato.

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Technical Specification

Model MPP-02 MPP-03 MPP-04
Planting Row
Linkage Category Tractor HP Required- 30 to 70
Tractor Hydraulic with Three Point Linkage (CAT III)
Seed Drum Capacity (kg.) - - -
Seed Varities 30-90 mm Uncut or Cut potato seed with any varieties
Fertilizer Attachment      
Seed Distance (mm) 17-20-25-30-40-45
Human Power Required 2 3 4
Planting Capacity / per acre
    - With Fertilizer
    - Without Fertilizer
1 Acre   1 Acre
Length     1625
Width     1930
Height     1270
Weight     418
Transportation Hydraulic Trailing

  • Tractor Operated & Drawn
  • Use For planting of Potato
  • 4 Labours required
  • Planting with Seeds & fertilizers, per hour 1acre planting capacity.