Why Ganesh

  • Ganesh Raj is the only company in India that is equipped with the latest automated computerised technology and machinery like C.N.C. machine, C.N.C Press Brake machine, etc. The threshers are manufactured using this technology which ensures that all threshers are of same standardized quality.

  • Thresher rotor and fan are fine tuned to '0' balance with the help of Computer Dynamic Balancing. This ensures that the thresher does not vibrate resulting in long life of ‘Bearing’ and prevention of machine breakdown.

  • GEKA machine, imported from Spain, is used in cutting various shapes like square, round, etc as well punching, that ensures threshers are of standardized quality.

  • The Sieve is specially designed with the help of Bearing System. This ensures longevity of the sieve and minimum maintenance. A Sieve is 30 inch wide to prevent clogging and proper sifting of all types of crops.

  • Thresher spare parts are manufactured using Dye and Zigs fixture.

  • Its is the only company in India to get its threshers powder coated, thus making it rust resistent and ensuring longevity.

  • Ganesh Raj Threshers are manufactured according to the specifications and guidelines of the ISI.